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At Country Heights Apartments. Located at Jalan Minintod, Penampang. Near to Bukit Padang. 2nd floor intermediate unit. 2 rooms. Good condition. Selling at RM114K. Below market value.
Call 019 - 852 8015 ~ Owner

Source : DE, 26112009

What is the current market value for this unit? Do you have any idea ?
If you based on the last auction posting (see Auction Sale - 31 July 2009), the reserved price for a Ground floor unit with a built up area of 845 SF was RM121,500. Price per SF = RM143.80. From my experience the reserved price is based on the valuation report prepared by a valuer and valid for a one year period from the valuation date. It is normally lower than the market value but can be used as a guide.

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