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While Google-ing for the image of Country Heights Apartment I stumbled upon this interesting blog that claims to be "The voice of residents from Wong Kwok Group housing projects, Country Heights Apartments".

I thought it would be nice to share it with others, especially those people who are not aware of the existence of such committee / blog. The blog name is "Wong Kwok / Country Heights Apartments".

Where is Country Heights Apartment located?
Excerpt from the Developer's website...
Strategically located along Jalan Minintod, Country Heights Apartments is easily accessible to Luyang, Penampang and Inanam townships and convenient to schools, wet market, supermarket, restaurants and shops around Tun Fuad Park and Luyang.

If you are working in the city, Penampang or Inanam, and wish to enjoy the “country” lifestyle, make Country Heights Apartments your ideal home!

Photo source : Wong Kwok / Country Heights Apartments blog


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