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On 13 August 2009, I posted an article from the Daily Express about the fear of the residents of Chanyai Villa Apartment, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah of another Highland Towers or Bukit Antarabangsa in the making. I do not know whether appropriate actions have been taken or not by the relevant parties to prevent another tragic mishap from happening but I do hope they are working on it.

Another issue is concerning the validity of the strata titles which was reported in the Daily Express yesterday.

"...the owners claimed the titles for the 145 apartment units where they have resided for more than 20 years could not be used as legal tender by legal firms, financial institutions and local authorities."

If what they claimed was true, I wonder how did my friend's uncle sell his apartment unit last year ! Here is the article on the strata titles issue for your reading pleasure...

Developer to blame for mistake on location plan, says Osman

Image source : kkboy via panoramio


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