Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am Anne from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Read more about me here. Please note that ...
1. this blog is for my reference only ~ a personal collection.
2. the advertisements may not be valid anymore (look at the date)! 3. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

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A : Don't you aware of the necessity and obligation to get permission from a person before you 'use' his/her name and contact for whatever purpose? Do you know that an advertisement means publishing of information only while it serves the needs and effective period? I want to tell you that you have caused inconveniences to me and other advertisers and also the readers for contacting each other for deals which are no longer valid and not proceedable? I wonder what benefit such 'favors' will bring you? Could that be just for fun and unconsious about respobility and sensibility?

B : I did not know that, sorry :p

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