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It has been found that the natives of Sabah tend to sell land, which is only a land application status, or by using the power of attorney letter in a transaction involving more than one buyer.
Such cases have caused problem and losses to the State Government be it in the form of wastage of manpower, time or cost...
...Datuk Nasrun Mansur, Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister

In a move to stop the sales of NT lands that is still under Land Application status, an amendment to the Sabah Land Ordinance was passed on 19 November 2009 that will enable the State Government to issue a communal native title for any State land.

With this amendment, it would not be easy for the natives to sell the land given to them by the Government unless the land is subdivided, which must first have approval from the Land Revenue Collector as provided for under Section 77 of the Land Ordinance (Cap 68). Besides that, it would also expedite the process of awarding land to natives.

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