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You are in need of some extra cash for your child's education, or maybe you did not get the salary increment or bonuses that you have been expecting for months and you have overspent on things that you could not afford in the first place, or other reasons only known to you.

If you are in this scenario, what would you do?

Well there is an option for you. If you already own a home, you can choose to refinance it to get additional funds. You can refinance your home loan with Maybank and enjoy savings with attractive refinancing interest rates of as low as BLR - 1.70% for Zero Entry Cost loans and BLR - 1.90% for non Zero Entry Cost loans.

What is good about Maybank is that it offers higher loan eligibility of up to 40% of your salary, compared to the norm of 1/3.

Note : At the moment Maybank's Base Lending Rate (BLR) is at 5.55%


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