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So, after months of searching high and low you finally found your dream home, huh! If you have idle cash, maybe you can just pay off the home without getting a mortgage / home loan. But if you can afford only to pay the down payment, the next step in owning your home is to search for the best home loan package in town.

For a limited period, ING Insurance is offering a fixed interest rate home loan up to 30 years! The margin of financing is also up to 90%.
There are two packages being offered;
  • Package 1 ~ 4.85% p.a. for Non Zero Entry Cost
  • Package 2 ~ 4.99% pa.a for Zero Entry Cost

Below are the so called benefits of opting for an ING Fixed Rate Home Loan
Image source : ING Insurance

However, the 4.99% Zero Entry Cost is only applicable for loan amount of at least RM200K with a minimum property value of RM300K :(

Interested? Call 1-800-88-0303 or visit ING Insurance


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