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Today was my lucky day. After waiting for more than 3 years, I finally got my cheque for USD330.40 from Thomas F. Lennon, Inc., the Receiver for 12daily Pro (12DP). Although it is only 30% of my total claim (calculated in accordance with the Distribution Plan), I am still happy I got it! My hubby got half of the amount he invested much earlier in 2006 through Stormpay.

Here is the screenshot of the letter and the cheque

To those of you who do not know what 12Daily Pro is, ... here is what I got from the 12dailypro.com (archive)
What is 12daily Pro?
12daily Pro is a revolution in internet marketing. Our program was specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. Let's face it; time is money. 12daily wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. This program is designed for people who call web promotion and investment their primary source of income and more importantly, for those people who would like to. If this sounds like you, 12daily Pro is the one program you can't miss out on. What's the bottom line? We pay you to view websites and online content specifically targeted to web promotion professionals like you!

This is what you get from wikipedia
12DailyPro was one of the largest autosurfs in 2005. Promising a return of 12% daily for 12 days, funds invested went into the millions. In February 2006, autosurfs reached the United States national news when funds of members of 12DailyPro were frozen by payment processor StormPay.

Rather than focus entirely on StormPay, news organizations such as ABC4 (Utah) and WTOC (Georgia) investigated the autosurf itself. In a statement released by the Georgia Government Consumer Protection Agency titled "Pyramid Schemes Never Die; Just Evolve", 12DailyPro was closely scrutinized. Media calls to 12DailyPro owner Charis Johnson went unanswered.

Later in February, 12DailyPro received a cease and desist order by the SEC, who claimed that 95% of the program's funds came from new members. On February 28, the SEC filed a proposed stipulation, agreed to by the attorney for Charis Johnson, LifeClicks, and 12DailyPro that these parties would turn over all assets and records to a permanent legal receiver.
Were you one of the investors / players in 12DP? How much money did you burn? Have you received your claim? ...better check your mail box :)


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