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Big Semi-Detached House at Taman Bukit Sepanggar for Sale Below Market Price. Inclusive of AirConds, Fans, Lightings. Asking Price RM510K only.
Call 013 - 877 9859 ~ No Brokers

Source : Daily Express, Monday, 10 August 2009

Photo Source : Wah Mie Group

Note : (1) The subject property was earlier advertised for sale on 18 June 2009. Asking Price was RM570K. See here. (2) There are 3 types of Semi-Detached Lots, namely, Ria, Ria2 and Dahlia2. Developer's selling price starts from RM570K to RM592K. For other info, please visit the Developer's website.

My Say : The asking price of RM510K for the subject property is well below the Developer's selling price. If I have that much money I will surely buy it ;) I think it is a good buy.

What is the Market Price for this type of house at this location? Do you have any idea?


  1. Rajesh Kumar.Chekuri  

    August 12, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    Nice info......

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