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Are you looking for an Apartment to stay in Sabah? Well, before you decide to buy / rent the place, ask yourself the following question.

Are you in need of a Fixed Telephone Line; for Streamyx, or your business / work requires you to use fax machine ?

If your answer is YES. Please be aware that the following Apartments / places, do not support fixed telephone line service at their premises.

* Country Heights Apartments, Jalan Minintod, Penampang
* Melingsung Summer Bay Resort Apartments, Papar
* University Apartments, Jalan Sulaman
* Cyber City Apartments, Jalan Lintas

Why I know? I used to stay in one of the places. I have checked with Telekom office at Sadong Jaya.

If your answer is NO. Good, because these places have a lot of things to offer.

* Country Heights Apartments ~ the perfect home for city dwellers who long for country lifestyle living. The rental here is cheaper!

* Melinsung Summer Bay Resort Apartments ~ it is the only housing development in the state that equipped with resort-style swimming pools. This includes the first ever outdoor pool that is sheltered by elegant canopy to protect you from the sun and rain, and the other one that is completed with slide and waterfall for children and young-at-heart.
The property value is very affordable. If you are interested to buy one, try Property Auction House. If you are lucky, you can own a Studio Unit at a price of RM30K. Good Luck!

* University Apartments ~ An inspirational Investment Opportunity due mainly to its location.


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